As we close out 2020, I hope you are thinking about what’s next. And thinking about what steps you need to get there rather than wishing away the next 8 weekends to Christmas, (yes, there are only 8 according to the news tonight, yikes!).

I say this because when we are going through a rough patch, 2020 is the mother of these, it can be easy to wish time away to sometime in the future when we hope things will be better. Are you missing the opportunity to focus on those things you never get to because you’re “so busy”?

What could you be doing, you ask? Well, here are some suggestions:

  • Refreshing your website – make it looked alive and current.
  • Write articles, share insights and let your potential customers know you’re open for business and how you can help them
  • Build out your range and delivery. Will you offer products online?  Share your expertise. Think videos, webinars, templates.
  • People like to do business with people. Build your network –You would be amazed at what new opportunities and business comes from having a cup of coffee.
  • Do you want to stop offering a service? Now’s the time to plan how to exit – refer your clients to other providers, sell that part of the business, increase your price, automate it if it’s a manual process.
  • And finally, I had to say it, work on your process and procedures! These are a living document. Please find a way to template them so they are quick and painless and a breeze to update. Delegate this to your team, you might find opportunities to increase efficiency as they are writing the process while doing it.

KEY TAKEAWAY:  2020 can still be a time where your business moves forward. Take the time now to make it stronger, ready for 2021. Remember, there is no “there”, there is only “here”. Use now to full advantage, don’t wish now away.

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